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Jokes About Trees

If you’re a nature lover, gardener, landscaper, or arborist with a funny bone anywhere in your body, chances are you like jokes about trees. During the process of putting together a collection of entertaining tree jokes for Trees Group, I revise and rewrite many of them. It’s incredibly fun! Furthermore, I’m often inspired to create […]

What do you think caused the cracks in this tree and the holes in its leaves?

Hi everyone, I’m hoping for some help with a weeping cherry. The tree is in Pittsburgh, PA (zone 6b) and the diameter is approximately 10″. The history of the tree is unknown. There’s a long crack running the entire length of the trunk on the side facing west-southwest, and a shorter crack on the opposite […]

Welcome To The Trees Group Blog

Hello, and thank you for checking out the Trees group blog. You may want to visit often if you love trees because we’re going to share our collective knowledge and passion for trees, nature, and the environment with you in all kinds of interesting ways. You’re cordially invited to share yours too. Everyone is welcome […]