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Trees group blogHello, and thank you for checking out the Trees group blog. You may want to visit often if you love trees because we’re going to share our collective knowledge and passion for trees, nature, and the environment with you in all kinds of interesting ways. You’re cordially invited to share yours too. Everyone is welcome here!

You can expect to see a variety of news, information, and entertainment focused on trees. There are stunning images of trees and forests, scientific studies, tree tips, personal stories, tree videos, fact sheets and infographics, green living guides, fun nature activities for kids and adults, tree care industry happenings, and recipes. You’ll also find profiles of non-profit organizations and tree-related businesses, tree-themed music, environmental activism, career help, holidays and special events, tree art, networking opportunities, tree crafts, product and service information, tree poetry, and eco-friendly advice.

We’re looking forward to many interesting, exciting, and inspiring discussions in the Trees group blog. The goal is to provide you with a balanced mix of Ooh!, Awww, Yes!Hmm, Cool, and Wow!, while avoiding as much Oops!, Just No, and Fail as possible. Please note that the format and frequency of posts will vary and they may change over time as the site evolves.

Your comments, questions, suggestions, and feedback are appreciated on individual pages and posts or via email. With your help, we can enhance each other’s enjoyment of trees, increase our knowledge, gain insight, generate ideas, make new discoveries, spread awareness, create change, and do some tangible good in the world as we celebrate trees together. You can start right now by letting us know what you think about this post, and by telling us what you would most like to see in the Trees group blog going forward.

By the way, if you haven’t officially become a member yet, please join the Trees group on LinkedIn now. It’s just about the easiest commitment you can make. Membership is totally free, you can participate as much (we encourage enthusiasm) or as little (we love lurkers) as you want, there won’t be a bunch of unwanted email thrown at you, and you can leave whenever you want … without even telling us! So, what are you waiting for? Join the Trees group.

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Jamie is a lifelong tree lover with a passion for nature in all its forms and a desire to help preserve the health of our environment.

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  1. I’m looking forward to reading more of your posts once you get them up! Sounds like quite the interesting roster of different ideas you have for posts. I just started a blog of my own and I have an infographic posted that my talented graphic designer girlfriend posted – you may be interested in checking it out. It’s all about why topping harms your trees and why it shouldn’t be practised: http://www.coniferaetreecare.com/topping-harms-trees/

  2. I am excited to see this unfold, as I spend as much time outside of work as I can hiking and being around trees. Also one of my favorite subjects to photograph. Good luck, I will be following along!
    – Dave

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